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Rolling Stones emblem

The Rolling Stones are an English band whose rhythm and blues and rock & roll- based music became popular during the “British Invasion” in the early 1960s. They were promoted as bad boys. The band were formed in London in 1962 by original leader Brian Jones, but were eventually led by the songwriting partnership of singer Mick Jagger and the guitarist Keith Richards. The pianist Ian Stewart, the drummer Charlie Watts and the bassist Bill Wyman completed the band.

The Rolling Stones define rock ‘n’ roll. They are the longest running act in the history of rock music, having remained wildly popular and prodigiously productive over their 30-year career.

This wonderfull rock band had always yearl his love for wild life and wild music. And we have to remember that when the Beatles sang “Let it Be”, The Rolling Stones sang proudly and strongly : “Let it Bleed”!!!

…Just another way of describing Rock and Roll!!

The band

Rolling Stones complete biography and discography :