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Stevie Ray Vaughan was born in Dallas Texas in 1954. He was one of the fastest and giftest guitarist of the history. He blast Rock and Roll with an incredible style full of aggressiveness. He his famous for his wonderfull Fender Stratoecaster with 13/56 stirng which mean enormous string unplayable by mortal men!!! It gaves a real power to his sound, because of the high tension of this string.


Stevie Ray Vaughan was the spiritual heir of Jimi Hendrix, he was the only guitarist who took up “Voodoo Child” with so much talent, anb bring his feeling and creativity.

His live at the “El Mocombo” is the greatest quality recording of this generation. He played all his famous and best song this night with a hypnotic aura and a frightened devotion to his music and his guitar.

If you don’t know this man I really advise you to run to your nearest CD shop and listen for a moment… But if you are too tired, just give a glanes to this video… A featuring with my friend Jeff Beck




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