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 How can we write a blog based on Rock music without talking about Led Zeppelin?

This band is obviously one of the most famous and influencial band of music history.  It was the heavy-metal pioneer impress of blues arrangements. The real leader of the band is Jimmy Page (guitar) who played Bass with the “Yardbirds” lead by Jeff Beck. At their beginning they wanted to be the “New Yardbirds” but a strange character named Keith Moon(The Who’s Drummer!) advised Jimmy to become “Led Zeppelin”!!



They recorded nine album but just four of them deserved to be considered as chef d’oeuvre. These four bible were easily entitled as Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 2, Led Zppelin 3, Led Zeppelin 4!! They’re composed of unforgettable song like “Stairway ta Heaven”, “Rock’n Roll”, “Baby I’m gonna leave you”, “Whole lotta love”, “Dazed and confused”…

All of them had a particular style and an amazing talent. It was maybe the most complete band of the 70s because Jimmy Page was an “alien”, Robert Plant had the most amazing voice of rock music and he could died on stage, John Bonam was just a drummer creator and John Paul Jones could followed every music with his Bass.

These four english artist will always be considered as fathers of Hard Rock and creativity.

I really advise you to go on this great and complete site on Led Zeppelin which there are interesting information like tabs!

Achilles last stand


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